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Match Report: Charlton 3 - 1 Hartlepool

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Myself, Matteo, Jack Ross, Chris and Joel made the trek up to The Valley tonight to see the 2nd round of the Carling Cup. Not going in with the best of confidence, as our cup runs normally end abysmally, we all calmed our nerves in the pub with a pint of guinness. Then up to the North Upper, to sit with the rowdy lot! Wayhay! J block this time!

The team had a few changes, with Spector, Sorondo, Holland, Bartlett, Lloyd Sam, JJ and Myhre all brought in to start.

A pretty much boring first half until the final 10 minutes, Hartlepool scored a decent goal from the edge of the area. Damn! I thought this was going to be one of those forgetful nights at the Valley. But no, I was wrong, a couple of minutes later we got a penalty when Lloyd Sam was fowled. JJ was to take it and he converted to make it 1-1. A few more minutes of pressure that succomed to nothing, the half time whistle went.

So after half time, we saw Bent in his kit run out first! Yes, he will be on to win the match for us. Bartlett came off for him, good! With more chanting from the covered end and Chris with his continuous seat banging, we seemed to find a deadlock, when Darren Bent converted a corner to make it 2-1. Yes yes yes!

"Were gonna win the cup"

Bothroyd then came on for JJ and within seconds had a decent shot go inches wide. A little later on, we got a free kick a few yards from the edge of the box, Murphy (who replaced Smertin) layed it off to Bothroyd who smashed it into the goal with his left foot. Amazing, the kid is here!

The match went on to finish 3-1, into the next round, safe in the cup for a while!

A good match in the end, it was a good atmosphere for the singers in the north.

Man Of The Match:Lloyd Sam (a great start)

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A few more pictures that I took:

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14 Responses to “Match Report: Charlton 3 - 1 Hartlepool”

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  2. Blogger SE7 

    So you were with those 9 year olds with squeaky voices??

    I think you sat in the row behind me during the 2nd half, i had acreamy coloured hat and black Stone Island jacket on??

  3. Blogger James Da Lion 

    Nope but i was by them!i was in the j block row tt, were you in ss? u must have been near by!

  4. Blogger SE7 

    I was in J block about four rows from the back. Stood throughout and think you were to my left in the row behind me. Did you move there at half time??

  5. Blogger James Da Lion 

    no i was there for the whole match, there was my mate in front of me drumming on the chair next to him was he next to you?

  6. Blogger SE7 

    Not quite, row behind and a few seats a long. Good atmosphere up there ain't it

  7. Blogger James Da Lion 

    safe man u must have been sitting to the right of me

    did u hear my mate drumming though#?


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  9. Blogger SE7 

    Yeah I could here him. Just seen the pics you took, was definately you sitting behind me, thought I might have snuck into one or two of the pics but sadly not

  10. Blogger James Da Lion 

    were you near the pikeys?! lol

    you might have, ill post some more pix when i get home

  11. Blogger James Da Lion 

    was i lary lol

  12. Blogger James Da Lion 

    starting some chants!

  13. Blogger SE7 

    Yep near the pikeys, sat infront of your lot so there was something between me and them!

    Were you with bloke in the white away shirt and the girl in the orange top? And then four lads, looked a bit younger infront of you? I was just infront of them, so think I were two rows infront of you

  14. Blogger James Da Lion 

    yep, girl with orange top to the right of me, guy with white top to the left, the four younger guys were my mates, lol quality u found the blog!

    add me 2 msn mate

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