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Bent: will he or wont he?

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Darren Bent: Premiership's top scorer - 7 goals and 1 in the league cup. An amazing start, an amazing signing. Surely the player to get us into Europe. Yes this is all true, but what we want to know is will Sven start him this Saturday against Austria. Rooney is out as he is suspended and Owen will certainly start, but who will partnet him. In theory if Sven looked at his strikers form's recently, Bent comes top by miles, Defoe next and then Crouch. But why is Crouch even there? He has not scored a goal this season and the only good thing about him is his height. Defoe has scored a couple but Bent is on fire at the moment. I'm sure if he does play, he will score. But I very much doubt he will from the start! I mean he plays for Charlton, yes that little club who is 2nd in the league, no one ever starts for England when they play for Charlton, do they!? This is getting ridiculous now, as we have produced many great England players in Parker, Young and Powell. It is now Bent's time to shine and score the goals that will take us to Germany next summer! So Sven, play Bent and lets get England into the World Cup, forget Gerrards ramblings that Crouch is amazing and put the young lad from South London in the starting line up.

8 Responses to “Bent: will he or wont he?”

  1. Blogger Linda Johnson 

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  2. Blogger Mary Morgan 

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  3. Blogger beauzo 

    Bent play for England this weekend? There's about as much chance as Bartlett catching him up in the scoring charts by christmas. Dazza's good enough obviously but the bloke picking the team is an indecisive, myopic buffoon who has ceded selection duties to Beckham with all his intellect and inspirational personality. I'd dearly love to be proved wrong but Crouch, judas, and Alan Smith will all have to turn up dead Saturday lunch-time for the swede or Becks to acknowledge DB's existence.

  4. Blogger Bingaddick 

    Crouch I fear, may well play on Saturday but he is not and never will be an international class forward. It's the same muddled thinking that kept Heskey involved for far too long. (being tall awkward and no bloody good as a striker!) Bent has to play. He has all the attributes necessary. Pace, strength on the ground and in the air, touch, confidence, desire and he's bang on form. Given Beckhams re-emergence as the right sided midfielder who can hit it long into the channels plus his crossing ability, what a fearsome strikeforce Owen and Bent would make. Crouch has no pace, is neat, has his height in his favour with his back to goal but his height has never been an offensive weapon. Sadley Sven will play him though. He may fick balls on to Owen, (Bent would do the same. We may well win the game and then he will be a shoe in for the World Cup squad, presumably as part of a "plan b" forward line. Bent however gives England much more offensive qualities. Even if we would normally line up with Rooney and Owen, having Bent on the bench gives Sven a much more effective "plan b" when we find ourselves chasing the game like we needed to against Brazil or NI. Crouch's lack of pace and and poor offensive qualities could never do this. It just has to be Bent.

    (Are you listening Sven, out there in hurdy-gurdy land?)

  5. Blogger James Da Lion 

    he is in hurdy gurdy land. i dont see bent playing at all unfortunately

  6. Blogger James Da Lion 

    and i was right!

  7. Blogger Bingaddick 

    Check out what I said about Crouch. A few neat touches but no offensive ability.

    We all knew that Sven wouldn't pick Benty. The argument for his inclusion today though was correct and is highlighted by the lacklustre attacking performance today.

  8. Blogger James Da Lion 


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