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Number 12, Luke Young


Yes you may think you have misread, but no. Number 2 for the Addicks, Number 12 for England. Our Player of the Year, Luke Young recieved his 2nd England cap tonight against Columbia on Englands Tour of The USA. An amazing day for this great player as well as an amazing day for the Addicks.

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Transfer Rumours


According to, we are rumoured to be trying to sign Darren Bent, along with Sunderland, from Ipswich, as well as close to signing a young defender from France called Kelly Youga.

Curbs is also intrested in Bernado Coralli from Valencia, rumoured to be worth £4million.

Luke Young: England Player


So Luke Young: the official CASC Player of the year, has been called up to the England Squad in replacement of Gary Neville. Congrats Luke!

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Yes Baby we have been added to official links page

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Charlton Athletic: Season Review 04/05


So here we are, at the season end. An enjoyable, but disappointing, season. As season with as many ups and downs as a rollercoaster. Yes, this is what we've got used to at The Valley, but as our first season writing this blog has come to an end, here is our annual season review.

Over the summer of 2004, we invested in the playing squad by buying Dennis Rommedahl, Talal El Kakouri, Francis Jeffers and Danny Murphy as well as Brian Hughes.


So Having bought these players, The Valley Faithful went into the new season with a certain confidence, with the biggest players to hit The Valley in recent years! Our first match brought Bolton away at the Reebok. We lost 4-1, we couldn't have had a worst start to the season! 4-1 was dreadful. The first home match at The Valley meant us beating Portsmouth 2-1, only due to a slip up by Shaka Hislop. Good Good, Bolton could have been excused for first day nerves! Next home match was against Aston Villa at home. 3-1 it finished. Francis Jeffers scored two and did his famed slide right in front of me and Joel. At last, we thought we had found a striker! - 4th In the League after that great Match! August finished with us loosing 4-0 away to Manchester City. Couldn't Believe it!


A disappointing 0-0 draw with Southampton at home saw the first Match at The Valley in September followed by a 1-1 draw with Birmingham later that week. Our favourite Carling Cup came around for us to beat Grimsby Town 2-0 to put us in the next round against our lovely neighbours Palace. We went back into winning ways with a 1-0 victory over Blackburn at the end of the week.


The first big match of the season came at Highbury against Arsenal. A 4 - nil thrashing was not good. Another 4 goals conceded to add to our tally of two previous matches where 4 goals were scored past us. A right dissapointing way to start October. Our so called Centenary Match vs Newcastle shown on Sky was meant to be a special day - 1-1 you couldn't complain, but we were left gritting our teeth after Matty Holland's last gasp half shot hit the post. Then the away trip up to Anfield, the damn scousers couldn't even go light on thier old favourite Danny Murphy and scored 2 past us with no reply. To cap off that poor performance, a 2-1 beating by Palace putting us out of the cup really summed the month up - Poor. Then a 2-1 home defeat to Middlesborough which meant no wins at all in October with only 1 point picked up.


So Jacques Santini's departure as Spurs' Boss the day before the game at White Hart Lane put us Addicks in good spirits going into the game. And what a game it was. We went 3-0 up through 2 amazing Shaun Bartlett goals, but they managed to get two goals back in a game that was so nailbiting! Next week we contuinued our good spirits by beating Norwich 4-0. Yes, this is what we want, maybe after a shaky start Europe really is for us. But we still had to play Man Utd at Old Trafford and Chelsea at home. The first loosing 2-0 and the latter 4-0. At least they were out of the way :S


First match of the festive period brought us Palace at Selhurst. What a match is was! Live on Sky Sports and the viewers probably thought it was a fairly boring match, but me as a fan, sitting as one of the 1000 Charlton fans there (due to the outrageous ticket prices the stupid club set) found it so tense. Deano saved an Andy Johnson penalty, and then 92 minutes, Jerome Thomas makes a run down the left, passes to Murphy, Ref is looking at his watch, through to Rommedahl, takes it inside the defender, shoots, AND WE HAVE WON! As the commentary said "Rommedahl, he can hit it, he can win it!". We went absolutely mental. We had beaten our rivals by a goal to nil. Despite keeping us in the ground 40 minutes after the final whistle, we didn't care. The atmosphere was amazing, random Charlton fans who I have never met shaking hands with me, us all jumping on the ledge infront of our seats. Its like we had won the cup! But what a game. December continued as a great month - beating West Brom away 1-0, beating Fulham live on Sky 2-1, drawing away 0-0 with Southampton, then beating Everton 2-0 at The Valley - another amazing match to be at! If we had played like this every month, we would have definately finished in Europe!


So Chris Powell and Graham Stuart left in the Transfer window to West Ham and Norwich respectively. We started off the month at home, against Arsenal. It was 1-1 at half time, through Talal El Kakouri equalising with his wonderstrike free kick from half way through Arsenal's half of the pitch. This ended up being voted Goal of the Season. Unfortunately, we lost 3-1. The amount of matches through the Christmas Period had obviously taken its toll upon us as we lost 1-0 away against Blackburn. But we seemed to pick ourselves up again beating Rochdale 4-1 in the FA Cup 3rd round 4-1, then Birmingham 3-1 followed by an away win at Everton 1-0. We finished the month beating Yeovil Town 3-2 in the Cup. Another great month!


Our first match of the Month was a poor 2-1 loss against Liverpool at home, despite taking a 1-0 lead. Away at Newcastle, Rommedahl picked his moment to scored again and make it 1-1. He scored a minute after they scored - what is it with this guy and minutes! Then the tragedy. Being drawn against Leicster City in the Cup, I thought we may have had a good run in the cup, possibly even getting to Cardiff in this, our Centenary Season. But No, through a poor performance and a last minute winner from Dion Dublin, Leicster knocked us out of the cup. Absolutely pathetic - I couldn't belive what I was witnessing! After this, a disapointing draw - 2-2 with Middlesborough away. After 2 strong Months this one was a very poor one in my view.


The month started with a 0-0 draw against Fulham at The Cottage (despite Shaun Bartlett missing a Sitter) but then a 2-0 win at home against Spurs, where the Valley Faithful witnessed a wonderstrike from Jerome Thomas. But this was when our season really started to plummit. We lost 4-1 at the Valley against relegation strugglers West Brom. Although many could blame this on a dreadful performance from the Ref, we just did not play at all well. An unbelievable loss. That was a disapointing end to an alright month.


The second to last month of this years Premiership campaign started with a 2-2 draw at home to Manchester City. We were lucky in this case as Chris Perry headed home a last minute equaliser seconds before the whistle. The following weekend's trip to Pompey was very poor. I was in attendance to witness a great comeback from Charlton, but to then throw it all away in the last 10 minutes. Having gone 2-0 up in the first 25 minutes (the only plus point seeing myself and Chris on Match Of The Day!) Jonothan Fortune got a brilliantly headed goal seconds after their second. Danny Murphy's crafty free kick got us level just before the break. Despite a fairly mixed second half performance, Pompey went 3-2 up in the 82nd to finish it off in the 88th at 4-2. Another 4 goals to add to our goals conceded tally. Next was Bolton at home. A 2-1 loss and another poor performance. Our last midweek fixture of the season was against Aston Villa away, a poor game that finished 0-0. Finally, to sum up our month, Former Addick Mathias Svensson scored a late winner for Norwich at Carrow Road to give us another defeat and the sights of europe completely down the drain.


Maybe a good run in the final month of the premiership 2004/2005 was in the minds of us fans. But that was not to happen. The 2 big guns Man Utd and Chelsea were still to play. After a good start at home against Man Utd, we lost the game 4-0. A pathetic performance but a notable debut for Goalkeeper Stefan Andersen. This dashed our hopes of beating Chelsea, but I and all of the other fans were wrong. A day that was meant for Chelsea, a day where they were lifting the trophy, a day where they were meant to thrash Charlton, a day that never happend, but a day where the small club named Charlton gave it all they got against the mighty rich club of Chelsea. We could have easily won through near misses of Jonothan Fortune and Matty Holland plus another great performance by Stefan Andersen. It was going to be a draw until skinny lanky ugly shit Mike Riley gave a penalty for a dive by Frank Lampard, and a dive that started outside the box trying to make out Jon Fortune had tackled him badly. Andersen saved the inital penalty but the spill of the ball enabled the Rich Bitches a victory. Then they lifted the cup. Our final match, on the day Sky christened 'Survival Sunday', was against Palace, beat them and they are down, even a draw might be good enough. We played poorly but completely against the run of play we went 1-0 up through Brian Hughes. The second half started well, but Dean Kiely made a big mistake and enabled a Palace player to chip him and make the match equal. He did do a good starjump though! Then, the big no no no no no no no happened. Jon Fortune handballed inside the box and they got a penalty, this time Andy Johnson scored sending Kiely the wrong way. 8 minutes left to go, and we get a free kick. Jerome Thomas sends the ball in, Jon Fortune forgives his earlier mistake and equalises with a header! Amazing, we relegated Palace! YAY!
West Brom were safe thanks to us, in more ways than one (the 4-1 thrashing of us at The Valley)


Season Rating - 5/10 - a poor season in comparison to last season's 7th place finishing.
Player of the Season - Talal El Kakouri - an amazing defender with goalscoring capabilites.
Young Player of the Season - Jerome Thomas - an absolute bargain of £100,000 from Arsenal.
Goal of the Season - Talal El Kakouri vs Arsenal - A free kick wonderstrike.
Match of the Season - Vs Palace - December 2004 - a penalty save from Kiely and a last minute strike from Dennis Rommedahl seals the 3 points.
Disappointment of the season - Shaun Bartlett - a good enough player, just hasn't shown his true capabilities as a striker this season with too many missed chances.

Next Season

Next season we need to stop thinking about Premiership survival and instead think of European football. Stefan Andersen set to shine.

I will be a season ticket holder with Chris next season in the North Block, so North Block views from next season!

Until Then!

Match Day Photos - Provided by Matteo


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So the final game of the season arrived, and probably the match that meant the most to The Valley Faithful! Having blatently taken the piss out of Palarse on the train, and then seeing a fan was in our carriage, I went into this game in a good mood. Along with fellow blogger Mattheo and our mate Derek we headed to the valley early so we could obtain some sale items! I bought a 'Dennis in the last minute' tee, new home shirt to get signed, a casual shirt and some car stickers!

We got autographs by the players entrance, and I asked Jerome Thomas for a piece of his kit, he said see me after!

So we took our seat in the east stand, block A. Nice view! Lovely day - sun was shining! When the players came out of the tunnel, us lot threw confetti everywhere! And I mean EVERYWHERE! Stewards found it well funny! so did everyone else!

We went 1-0 up at around 30 minutes through Brian Hughes. Great! Completely against the run of play! This was the score at half time.

Second half we played crap, Deano made a mistake and was lobbed by the recently subbed on Palarse Striker. Then they got a penalty. SHIT! was the reaction. AJ scored it and this twatty palarse fan in our section started cheering! WANKER! Everyone, specially me started shouting at the stewards to get him out of the ground. The supervisor asked me where he was and was then removed, to a lot of our delight and facing a lot of abuse from us - the twat!

Thomas came on and whipped a lovely free kick into the box, where Jonothan Fortune connected with it, to make it 2-2. We all went mental - like we had won the league or something!. As West Brom were winning 2-0 at the time, this meant Palarse were down. Then the chants started - sung to Amarillo "Shalalalalalalala, Shalalalalalalala, Shalalalalalalala, We'll send the Palace down!"

I couldn't resist holding a bottle of Coke up to the departing Palarse fans!

The match finished 2-2, Palarse were relegated, everyone was happy. We waited after for the lap around the pitch from the players. The stadium then put Amarillo on! I went to the players entrance and good old JT gave me his shorts! Nice of him! Saw the supervisor who ejected the bloke from the stadium and asked what happened. Dereck met his favourite player! Shaun Bartlett and got a photo with him! I spoke to the supervisor who asked me about the Palarse fan in our section. I asked what happened to him, to which he replied that he was kicked out, I said he was a wanker, to which he thought was funny!

We headed home, following the Palarse bus up the road to the station, with the knowledge of not seeing the wankers for a few years cos they will be in the Fizzy Pop league next season.

EDIT: When I got home and watched Sky Sport's Survival Sunday Programme, I didn't realise how much the game at The Valley meant for the other relegation Matches, especially the West Brom match. They won 2-0 against Pompey and were depending on us drawing at least, so not only Jonothan Fortune scoring for us was good, it was also good for them! Also, Chris Kamara was a Legend on Sky Sports News, he kept getting sooo excited - so funny to watch. Apparently when we equalised, he nearly jumped through the screen!

Bargains Galore at The Valley


Oh My God! Yes so it is the end of season sale at the valley! But there are so many bargains to be had. I will be down there early ahead of Sundays game against Palarse!

Todays match photos - provided by JDL


So a match I was really looking forward to. After last years 1-0 loss at the Bridge when Judas face Parker was revealed to the Chelsea Faithful, this match was a must win for us to try and put a stop to this dreadful run of ours.

A Win would be amazing, imagine, Little old Charlton winning against the champions, even a point would be good! So after a train journey from the south with me being the only Charlton fan onboard and being looked at like dirt, I met up with friends Ollie and Theo and we made our way to Stamford Bridge. As expected, it was carnival fever throughout the local area of The Bridge.

TPS Sports from France were doing a broadcast, and as the temptation was huge, I had to go behind and wave at the camera! God only knows what the studio was thinking!

Our seats were better than last year, so we weren't under the letterbox. Waiting around was boring but eventually the teams came out and were underway.

We started strong and maintained that throughout the match. Chelsea's best chance falling to Joe Cole who blasted it straight to the top corner of our goal, only for Stephan Andersen to get a touch and push it against the crossbar.

Our best chance of the first half was from Jonothan Fortune, who had beaten Cudicini with a weak right footer, only for it to go wide. We also had a blatent penalty disallowed from Mike Riley the nOOb where a Chelsea defender clearly handballed it, infront of the ref aswell.

0-0 at half time, I couldn't comlain.

Once again, our second half performance was great. Chelsea had a load of attacks, but most were offside. We had the clearest chance of the half, a great run by Kevin Lisbie, who layed it off to Matty Holland, amazing shot, touch by Cudicini but just wide. OOOOHHH! We couldnt believe it.

89 minute, yes we are going to draw against the champions! BUT

Chelsea on the attack, Frank Lampard has the ball, gets tackled outside the penalty area and dives, but inside the box. Skinny fucking retard Mike Riley gives Chelsea a penalty, couldn't believe it. This can't be happening. Chelsea didn't really deserve 1 point, let alone 3. Claude Makalele steps up, ANDERSEN SAVES, but unfortunately his save falls in the path of Makalele for him to slot it home. A great afternoon comes to an abrupt end. We have been officially screwed over a draw. Back to Riley, the twat didn't give any injury time, even though Kevin Lisbie had been down earlier for at least 3 minutes and he never booked any of the Chelsea players, despite the who team running on to celebrate. WOW you beat Charlton, an amazing win. It was well funny when Mervin Day shoved Riley - good on ya Swerve Merv!

Some of the best chants:

Never Walk Alone - in referral to Liverpools historic Champions League win midweek!
Champions League your having a laugh
Our Chant that Me and Ollie's cousin George made up: Stefan Andersen: STEFAN ANDERSEN! - hear it soon at the valley!
Soccer AM's - Easy Easy Easy and You Shut Up

So Our Addicks did us proud. I stayed and watched Chelsea lift the premier league trophy, amazing thing to see! When Scott Parker was introduced - more abuse! I got an amazing shot of Terry and Lampard with the trophy - I will post it on here later!

We left to go and have a drink at a bar, because Theo and Paul thought it would be a good idea to go to one surrounded by Chelsea fans. Right fun though! Had fans coming up to us saying stuff like "Red Red Robin come bob bob bobbing along.... shoot the Bastard!", Bloke on bus mooning and the chant "Top of the Bus, you're having a laugh!"

When we left, we had to walk past tonnes of Chelsea fans towards the Station. One shook my hand, one said good luck for next of the season, Retard man asking if he could buy something from me for £100 (WTF!), saying our lads did us proud.

The most embarrasing was when we went past a pub on both sides of the road, hundreds of Chelsea fans, before we walked past them one fan said "You'll be lucky to get out alive!" Then the boo's started, then the "Who are ya, who are ya" chants started. To which I stood in the road and slapped my hand on the Charlton Logo - stupid I know, but worth a laugh! I did shit myself after though!

Eventually got home after all that! None the less, a great day! Well Done Chelsea, you cheating bastards!!! :P



Charlton V Chelsea. Last weeks loss 4-0 to Man Utd left me feelin like we were out of luck for this match and in for another hammering as our end of season droubt continued; 1 win in 12. Kiely on the bench again after Anderson made some stunning saves last week. Franny Jeffers injured and the strikers position left to Lisbie. JDL goes off to see the match live and I stay at home and watch it on Sky Sports. We had a good feeling over the last few days, thinking that Chelsea have won the cup now and will not be goin into the match full throttle. We played fuckin well for the whole match, keeping the champions at bay! Anderson showing his quality by producing some class saves, again, and keeping us in it. Our defending was brilliant and we managed to string passes together and had some good attempts. Fortune's shot skimming the post! Ref had been good until the 90th min when he awarded a penalty for lampard falling over a yard outside the box. A case of should have gone to specsavers, you wanker. Absolutely robbed of a point that we needed. We put everything into the match and came out with nothing!

Ugh, we deserved all 3 pts, let alone none.

Stephan Andersen - A good replacement?/Chelsea Match


After a couple of great saves against Man Utd on Saturday, I think we have found our Long-Term replacement for good old Deano!

So I will be at the Chelsea vs The Addicks match this Saturday, maybe us Addicks can do a Liverpool Against Chelsea!?
|Sky|Sports|1| 12:00 Saturday

4 Nil Absolute crap


After a great Debut Start for Stefan Andersen and a good 30 minutes start to the match, Charlton let it slip, 2 goals in 10 minutes, the a fairly good start to the second half, El Kakouri did a headstand when he gave the ball away to Smith to score their 3rd. Minute later Rooney made it 4. Absolutely pathetic. At one stage a graphic came up on Sky sayin 2% possession for us. This sums up our season, bring on Chelsea next weekend *trembles*

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